Array Of Hope

©2015 Scott Kroeker Photography

Tulabi Falls is one of the larger falls in Manitoba. The largest being Kwasitchewan Falls which is a 22km round-trip advanced hike from Pisew Falls. Unfortunately Pisew Falls is over 800km (almost 500mi) away. I was hoping to make a trip there this fall but I will have to try next summer. Luckily, Tulabi Falls in Nopiming Provincial Park is only 2.5 hours away. A little more doable yet this was the first time I got there this year.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of this place. Especially during autumn. I am so glad I was able to get back here before the gates close for the season. Tulabi Falls is a long flowing cascading type of water fall and covers a large area. It starts very smoothly wrapping around some large rock surfaces and then getting more violent then eventually spreading out over all these smaller rocks and boulders. The water was just low enough that I was able to get across with just my rubber boots and not get soaked. This took some time as I would have to hope a few rocks then study my next set of moves. Sometimes having to step on submerged slim covered rocks. One slip and I could be in a 2-3ft hole with strong currents. Hip-waders would have made it much easier to get through. Though the challenge was fun I wasn’t looking forward to the trek back. Fast forward a couple of hours and I am now in a different part of the falls where the currents are much stronger. Once the sun got too low and I was ready to head back I thought I could cross close to where I was and save me a long trek back which included climbing on rocks. I decided I sacrifice getting soaked to my knees to save time. Well, I could only get so far until I got to an impasse. No way across with out losing my life or soaking all my gear. So, now I am soaked, my insulated rubber boots weighing a ton and I have to trek all the way back. It was not very enjoyable at all. Once I got back to this area I was no longer worried about getting soaked so it made navigating around easier. I had already packed up all my gear thinking I was done for the day but the sky was starting to really take a turn for the better. The forecast had called for rain late in the day and overnight. The spot I was at before I had to trek back was in an area where I couldn’t see the horizon. The view is blocked by large rock walls and massive boulders. So, even though I was pretty exhausted I couldn’t pass up these photo opportunities. I was rewarded nicely for my efforts trekking back to this area. The power of mother nature recharged me and the walk back to the car, more rock hopping and then up hill, wasn’t even difficult. The 3 hour drive home was relaxing. All in all a great day.

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